General Chemistry 116


Dr. Mridula Satyamurti    



The text for this course is Brown, LeMay, and Burstens Chemistry: The Central Science, 12th Ed.

The book is available in the bookstore as a special bundle that includes the Student Solution Manual to the text.

How to use OWL

Accessing OWL

Go to, scroll down to “Other Universities” and choose either UMass Boston General Chemistry or UMass Boston Organic Chemistry.

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Students need to enter a username and a password to access OWL. Their username is their UMS# (just the eight digits, not the letters at the beginning). Their default password is their last name as it appears on the class roster (that means if their last name is “Smith-Jones” it includes the hyphen; if it is “Da Silva” it includes the space, and so on).

Programing your calculator for Quadratic equations:

 1.    Quadratic Equation Information


( Thanks to Ann P.)

Rules for Significant Figures in logarithmic values


Notes for Chapters         Extra problems    Lecture Slides

Chapter 10                                  Ch 10                     Ch 10        Solution to problem 10.15 11th edition 10.17 12th edition

Chapter 11                                   Ch 11                     Ch 11

Chapter 13                                   Ch 13                     Ch 13        Solubility problem    

Chapter 14                                   Ch 14                     Ch 14        Extra slides

Chapter 15                                   Ch 15                     Ch 15    

Chapter 16                                   Ch 16                     Ch 16

Chapter 17                                   Ch 17                     Ch 17   

Chapter 19                                   Ch 19                     Ch 19   

Chapter 20                                   Ch 20                    Ch 20

Chapter 21                                   Ch 21                     Ch 21

Homework Problems

12th Edition

Homework chapter 10

Homework chapter 11

Homework chapter 13

Homework chapter 14 and 15

Homework Chapter 16, 17 and 19

11th Edition

Homework chapter 10 and 11        

Homework Chapter 13

Homework Chapter 14 and 15

Homework Chapter 16                                

Homework Chapter 17

Homework Chapter 19

Common Homework

Chapter 14 extra problems.

Solution to the above problems

Look for POGIL worksheets on the Blackboard..


The tests have to be picked up within two weeks of the test or they will end up in the recycling bin.

Please note that if you want to come back and see your final exams, they will be available only for a limited time after the start of the new semester.

Fall 115 will be available till 1st March of the next year.

Spring 116 and Summer 115/116 will also be available till September 30th of the following semester.

After that all the exams will be kept in the recycling bin.

Change of Grade:

For any reason if you have a grade change, it needs to be done in a reasonable amount of time. You have two months from the date the grades are posted to ensure any correction is made and is showing on your transcript. No grade change will be made after this time.

You are responsible to check that the grade change is made on your transcript.


Recommndation Letters  

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Many of you come for recommendation letters after you have taken the class with me for various things. It may be a good idea to come and meet with me when you are still in class so I have some idea of who you are, also remember that every semester I have many recommendation requests, so give me enough time. Also I will not write a recommendation letter if the attached form is half filled. Do not forget to put a date on the form.

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