Postdoctoral Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Advisor: Daniel S. Kemp)

Postdoctoral Research, University of Southern California, Los Angeles (Advisor: Ralf Langen)

Ph.D., University of Szeged, Faculty of Medicine, Hungary (Advisors: László Dux and László I. Horváth)

B.S/MS., University of Szeged, Faculty of Science,  Hungary (Advisor: István Nagypál)


Research Interests:

Physical Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Biochemical Education, Protein Structure and Dynamics, Biological Applications of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Free Radicals, Antioxidants, Enzyme Kinetics, Protein Misfolding and Amyloidogenesis, Alzheimer's Disease

(See Publications and Presentations for details.)


Professional Memberships:

Associate Member, Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC)

Member, University of Massachusetts Center of Translational and Clinical Science (UMCCTS)
American Chemical Society (ACS)


Editorial Board Member for:

Scientific Reports

Turkish Journal of Chemistry


PI: Marianna Torok, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

University of Massachusetts Boston

100 Morrissey Blvd.

Boston, MA 02125

Tel: 617-287-6199


Dr. Marianna Török’s Research Group