Dr. Timothy Dransfield

Department of Chemistry

Professor Dransfield visits a snake charmer in Tangiers, Morocco.

The Dransfield Group

Laboratory: S-1-36

Welcome to the Dransfield Group!

Our research focuses on the chemistry of the Earth’s atmosphere.  We study the chemical fates of various species which are released into the lower atmosphere as a result of human activity.  The goal of our research is to understand how long these species exist, what products they form, and what impact they have on the chemistry of the air.

Our research sits squarely at the intersection of environmental science, physical chemistry and analytical chemistry.  Because we build and maintain a lot of our own instruments, there’s also a bit of novice engineering and computer science involved.

Students of all experience levels are welcome!



Timothy Dransfield

Office: S-1-85

Phone: 617-287-6143

Email: timothy.dransfield@umb.edu