Robert L. Carter
Associate Professor, Chemistry

B.A., College of Wooster (Ohio, 1966)
Ph.D., University of Kansas (1970)

Current Position:
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Graduate Program Director
Office: S-1-128
Telephone: 287-6136

Teaching Interests:
Inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, general chemistry.

Research Interests:
Raman spectroscopy of solids, group theory, crystal structure.

Representative Publications:

  1. Robert L. Carter, Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory: An Introduction for Chemistry, John Wiley & Sons, NY, 1997.
  2. Robert L. Carter, " Representations with Imaginary Characters: The Doubling Problem ", J. Chem. Edu., 1993, 70, 17.
  3. Robert L. Carter, "The Tabular Method of Reducing Representations ", J. Chem. Edu., 1991, 68, 373.

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