Chemistry Capstone Course

Prof. Deyang Qu

Office: S-1-129

Class meetings will be every Monday at 1:00 PM in the Chemistry Conference Room.

Recommended texts on scientific writing:

"The Art of Scientific Writing" by Ebert, Bliefert, and Russey.

"The ACS Style Guide", published by the American Chemical Society.

Required Text: On Being A Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research

Useful Links regarding Ethics in Science:

ACS - Chemist's Code of Conduct

The Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics

The Online Ethics Center

Lecture Notes:

Introductory Lecture

Refining Scientific Writing

          J Chem Ed article on ACS writing analysis

          J Chem Ed supplemental material

Ethics Case Studies from Wayne State University

Useful Links regarding Presentations in Science:

An entertaining read on how to design posters

An entertaining read on how to prepare talks


Last Updated: 9/12/2011