Chemical Structures Lab (CH 379) at UMass Boston

Professor Timothy Dransfield
CH 379, Fall 2010
Office: S-1-085
Telephone: 617-287-6143


Professor Shelley Foster

Office: S01-087

Phone: 617-287-6096




Lectures Take Place in S-1-89 (Chemistry Conference Room)

(Most) Labs Take Place in S-2-41.

These pages will gradually fill up with PDF files for all sorts of things - problem sets, solutions, examples, handouts... but for all of them, you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it already, it's a free download - go here for more information.  In addition, youíll need to have access to a spreadsheet program for the analysis of your data.  Iíll be using Microsoft Excel, which is available in the computer labs.


General Information
Schedule of Experiments
Guidelines for Lab Reports

Sample paper from the Journal of Physical Chemistry A


Link to the NIST spectral database

Link to the biographies of the recipients of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Link to the biographies of the recipients of the Nobel Prize for Physics

Lab Report "Template"/Sample/Explanation

(Yes, it's actually from Chem 314, but it's more or less the same, and I haven't had time to make a new one. I'll give feedback on your reports about how to shift the emphasis a little)

Introductory Lecture

Science article on the AFM of pentacene
PRL article on the H-atomic orbitals

Nature article on the distance record for quantum teleportation

Experiment One: Use of a Spectrometer

††††††††††† Quiz 1         Solution

            Lecture Notes

for Sept 17 - X-Ray Spectroscopies Lecture

Quiz 2 and Q2 Spreadsheet (there are two tabs!)

Q2 Solution and spreadsheet

Experiment Two: Spectrum of the Hydrogen Atom

      Quiz 3           Solution

          Lecture Notes
for Oct 1 - Color Vision Lecture

Quiz 4 and Q4 Spreadsheet

Q4 Solution and Solution Spreadsheet

Experiment Three: Absorption Spectra of Conjugated Dyes

           Quiz 5            Solution

           Lecture Notes        

For Oct 15 - Scanning Probe Microscopies and Chem Prize and Standard Model Video and Higgs Video

Quiz 6 and Solution


Experiment Four: The Absorption Spectrum of Iodine

           Snadden Article

           Text from 6th Edition of Shoemaker                     

           Quiz 7          Solution     

           Lecture Notes

For Oct 29 - What does Foster and Dransfield want in a Lab Report

Quiz 8 and Solution

Experiment Five: The Vibrational Spectrum of SO2

           Text from 6th Edition of Shoemaker                     

           Quiz 9           Solution

           Lecture Notes


For Nov 12 - FTIR and Global Warming Lecture

Quiz 10 and Spreadsheet and Solution

Experiment Six: The Rotational-Vibrational Spectrum of HCl

           Quiz 11             Solution

           Lecture Notes 1


For Nov. 26: Raman Spectroscopy

Quiz 12 and the Spreadsheet             Solution


Experiment Seven: NMR Determination of Keto-Enol Equilibrium Constants

Quiz 13             Solution

Lecture Notes
Class Data:

For Dec. 10: Metals and Semiconductors

Quiz 14 and Spreadsheet


Computational Chemistry Workshop
Final Extra Credit Assignment