CH 371 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Spring 2013

(Lecture Location: S-02-064 / Laboratory Location: S-02-025)

Prof. Jonathan Rochford
Office: S-1-130
Telephone: 617-287-6133

Office Hours: Fri 10am– 12midday

last updated 04/26/2013

General Course Information

CH 371 Syllabus & Safety, Attendance, Reporting, Grading

Chem 371 calender Spring 2013 & Schedule of Experiments

Lab Report Guidelines & Template for Electronic Submission to Chem 371 (.doc ; .docx)

Supplementary Material

d-orbital labels

symmetry tutorial

valence, oxidation number and formal charge

Descriptive inorganic chemistry textbooks:

"Molecular Chemistry of the Transition Elements: An Introductory Course" by François Mathey and Alain Sevin  (Wiley)

"Chemistry of the Elements" by A. Earnshaw and N. Greenwood (Elsevier)

“Advanced Inorganic Chemistry” by Cotton and Wilkinson (Wiley)

Journals and links of Interest (not an extensive list...RSC, Wiley and ACS journals are strongly recommended)

Inorganic Chemistry (

Organometallic Chemistry (

Journal of the American Chemical Society (

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (

Angewandte Chemie International Edition (

Journal of the Chemical Society Dalton Transactions (

Experiments & Lectures

1. Microscale synthesis of copper(I) chloride (lab & lecture)

2. Tin iodide and the inert pair effect (lab & lecture)

3. Manganese(III) acetylacetonate (lab & lecture & Mnphotosynthesisarticle)

4. Intro to organometallic chemistry: microscale preparation of ferrocene (lab & lecture)

    - Spectral data (raw): ferrocene & ferrocenium

5. A study of closed versus open shell metalloporphyrins (lab & lecture & UV-vis spectra & literature)

6. A photophysical study of ruthenium polypyridyl complexes (lab & lecture & spectra)

7. Cyclic voltammmetry (lab  & lecture & data)

8. Dye sensitized solar cell characterization (lab & lecture & i-v data & ipce data)

9. Electrocatalytic hydrogen production (lab & lecture & data)

10. Revised lab report